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Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 07:13:49 CST

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    Behnam wrote:

    >> Or anybody with some idea of Persian!

    > I guess I fit the second criteria and can give you some 'street
    > knowledge' of Persian not academic one. But it's better than nothing!
    > First of all, hamza (the letter) is only used in words we consider
    > 'Arabic' within Persian text. Off the top of my head, I can't find a
    > case in which hamza is used in the middle of a word, requiring the
    > letters before and after to be disjoint. Chairless hamza is always at
    > the end of the word as far as I can see. So technically yes, it does
    > require disjoint characters before and after, but this can also be
    > achieved by mere fact that hamza is placed at the end of the word,
    > followed by a space, a zwnj or a line breaker.
    > If your proposal doesn't affect the formation of a word such as:
    > شیء-اشیاء
    > as it is currently formed, I can't see a case that would be adversely
    > affected by your proposal

    Since there is no joining letter coming after the hamza,
    my proposal would not interfere with that.

    > but I do thing that suggestion of keeping this
    > hamza as it is and re-defining another hamza with new behaviour as
    > 'current' hamza is more sound.

    I'm not dogmatic about redefining U+0621 rather than adding a new
    ARABIC LETTER ARABIC CHAIRLESS HAMZA. So, I would like to know why you
    dislike working with the existing char, since it is only insufficiently
    defined -- not defined for a case not needed for normal Arabic but
    desperately needed for the "standard" Qur'ân.

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