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Date: Wed Jan 09 2008 - 03:05:26 CST

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    Hi, Michael,

    I'd just like to add for the record, that I dug up the manuscript I had in mind, but my memory failed me. It features a W with a superscript E and an EE sequence with a superscript V, but no superscript W there, I guess. (See attached file).

    Andreas, thanks for specifying the sources.

    Concerning MUFI,
    I also see (alike J.K.) that assigning PUA codes to the precomposed glyphs is the correct way to go for font designers. Of course the use of the PUA codepoints for composable glyphs by anyone writing/editing a text is not encouraged, however due to limitations of some (even quite common software) I think the option should be given to the user to have the glyphs displayed in a typographic aesthetic way.
    If already someone is stricken by the ill luck of having access only to such miserable software, we should not additionally punish them by not allowing access to rich features of our fonts.

    I plan to provide all my precomposed glyphs in PUA range, though I would never ever input those PUA codepoints into any input stream myself and would discourage any user of the font to do so, if they have access to advanced font technology.
    For users of deprecated technology I'd personally suggest keeping the data encoded in proper Unicode (i.e. with combining diacritical marks) on the base level and generating a copy with PUA codepoints substituted for unsupported sequences for production.

    I see providing precomp gylphs in PUA as an accessibility feature, if you will.


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    > At 22:18 +0100 2008-01-06, André Szabolcs Szelp wrote:
    > >In scope of this, would a single example of a
    > >COMBINING SMALL LETTER W in a manuscript be
    > >enought to have it encoded? I believe to have
    > >seen it in a facsimile of one (I believe 15th
    > >century) and I might be able to dig it out...
    > Yes.
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