RE: Directionality Standard

From: Waleed Oransa (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 11:20:19 CST

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    Murray Sargent <> wrote on 10/01/2008
    04:43:57 :

    > So for a time at least, BiDi display would be messed up by the
    > introduction of RLPM and LRPM format characters. One has to gauge
    > whether the gain is worth the temporary confusion. If you stick with
    > a higher-level text format like HTML, you don't have any problem.
    > Thanks
    > Murray

    Murray, Here what I have in mind, let's first agree that there is a
    problem facing Bidi users and make Unicode is not sufficient - alone - to
    display Arabic text correctly with its original directionality. Even if it
    provides the way, it doesn't forces it.
    Next step we can discuss where should be standardized and the best specs
    that minimize the bad impacts and maximize the benefits and guarantee the
    integrity of old and new Bidi Unicode text.

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