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From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 04:16:15 CST

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    Additionally, LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CARON is also used by turcologists to represent the voiced postalveolar affricate (equivalent to UPA: LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH WITH CARON or IPA: LATIN SMALL LETTER D, LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH), simple j standing for the voiced postalveolar fricative. Usually linguistic alphabets use only lowercase letters (like IPA, UPA, or this turcologist alphabet), if I recall correctly; however when personal names are used spelling those alphabets, uppercase might be used.

    I'm just pointing out this use additionally to the mentioned ISO 9 (Cyrillic transcription) and americanist use.

    Concerning an apostrophed version using apostrophe instead of caron is _only_ a Czech and Slovak tradition (as Adam pointed it out already). Actually, I'm going to design lowercase d, l, t with caron as well as a standard setting, and using the apostrophed glyph variants only for those languages; fortunately one can do that with modern font technologies like OpenType or SIL Graphite.

    Also, if I remember well, this applies for lowercase letters with ascenders only; the uppercase L-apostrophe version as opposed to L-caron became undoubtedly prevalent only with digital font technologies, and might be blamed on initial design mistake? At least I do have e.g. a photograph of monumental Slovak writing (in stone) where not only D, T, N are caronned, but also the L (though the caron takes the form of a grave on the surface there [cf. mental representation - surface representation]).


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