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Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 08:35:41 CST

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    No, it wasn't me. However I see it correctly now in IE7, provided I use Doulos SIL, and tell it to ignore font styles in webpages (Internet Options/Accessibility).
    Raymond Mercier
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      Was that you who added it in the list on Wikipedia a few hours after your message in evening ?

      Well it is listed now (using the combining diacritic) and it displays well within IE7 on XP and on SP2.



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      Vincent Boulay writes

    >Unfortunately, we can’t build character Latin capital letter J with caron by using combining diacritical marks.

      Why not

      J̌: U+004a + U+0030c

      It works with Doulos SIL, at least.

      Curiously it is missing in the list at

      Raymond Mercier

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