Re: Proposal to encode three combining diacritical marks for Low German dialect writing

From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 12:27:32 CST

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    Kent Karlsson wrote:

    > James Kass wrote:

    >> (Two-liner)
    >> . may connect with base letter depending on
    >> font and locale preferences.

    > Depending on font: fine. Depending on locale: I would not
    > think so, and I do hope not.

    Locale may be a misleading term here. Perhaps what James was getting at was that the
    display may vary depending on the combination of font and orthography, using OpenType
    language system tags. In other words, a font may have unconnected stroke for some language
    system tags but a connected stroke for others, e.g. Yoruba.

    The difficulty of such an approach is that it requires the font developer to know for
    which orthographies to apply which preference, so some method of discretionary,
    user-controlled variant selection is also desirable. OTL features such as <salt> and the
    <ssXX> features already exist that might handle this, but I believe Peter Constable is
    working on a more robust and specific mechanism aimed at exactly this kind of situation.

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