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Date: Wed Jan 23 2008 - 03:39:27 CST

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    > I've found an interesting piece of data
    > ( - in Russian, date d
    > November 2007) about the Soviet "Buran" program:
    > A significant part of the technical information about the flight is
    > inaccessble to today's researchers as it is recorded on the magnetic
    > tapes for BESM-6, of which none are still working [there is one
    > sitting at the London National Museum of Science and Industry packed
    > in crates for 15 years - L.B.] It may be possible to restore some
    > information about the historical flight [its purportedly automatic
    > landing is still a point of pride for the Russian space program -
    > L.B.] from the ACPU-128 printouts that contain excerpts of the
    > on-board and ground telemetry.

    There's no more any tape reader working that can be adapted to work with
    today's computer interfaces? It looks incredible.

    If those are tapes, may be a professional tape reader (used for audio, or
    for reading some video) could be used, by rewinding the band on another
    compatible roll. It just looks like a few hours of work from a competent
    electronician, even if this is used temporarily on a single installation,
    just to process the bands. And this is what some companies are doing
    worldwide for reading crashed harddisks or tapes, suing various instruments,
    and some custom PLA programmed to emulate the past reader's decoder and
    connect it to some modern data bus interface.

    Well, if this data has some value, it won't be difficult to refinance it, it
    will not cost the same cost today as the initial development of the original
    tape reader.

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