Re: Character proposal: LOWER TEN

From: Leo Broukhis (
Date: Wed Jan 23 2008 - 02:04:05 CST

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    I've found an interesting piece of data
    ( - in Russian, date d
    November 2007) about the Soviet "Buran" program:

    A significant part of the technical information about the flight is
    inaccessble to today's researchers as it is recorded on the magnetic
    tapes for BESM-6, of which none are still working [there is one
    sitting at the London National Museum of Science and Industry packed
    in crates for 15 years - L.B.] It may be possible to restore some
    information about the historical flight [its purportedly automatic
    landing is still a point of pride for the Russian space program -
    L.B.] from the ACPU-128 printouts that contain excerpts of the
    on-board and ground telemetry.

    When someone has the time, money, and digital-archeologic interest to
    try to read those tapes (or to OCR the printouts - yeah, right!), or
    when the London museum finally gets to it, having the SUBSCRIPT TEN in
    Unicode will come in handy.


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