Re: Fwd: Unicode Transliteration Guidelines released

From: David Weinberg (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 05:01:50 CST

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    2008/1/29, James Kass <> wrote about pop music.

    How about ?

    tranĚscripĚtion (trn-skrpshn)

    1. The act or process of transcribing.
    2. Something that has been transcribed, especially:
    a. Music An adaptation of a composition.
    b. A recorded radio or television program.
    c. Linguistics A representation of speech sounds in phonetic symbols.
    3. Biology The process by which messenger RNA is synthesized from a DNA
    template resulting in the transfer of genetic information from the DNA
    molecule to the messenger RNA.

    Using the brain is better than thinking with your ass, but looking this up
    FIRST, is even better.

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