RE: Combining marks with two letters

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 15:03:29 CST

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    James Kass wrote:
    > John Hudson wrote,
    > > Yes, canonical ordering would invert the display of the marks, so that the dot is
    > > positioned below the double diacritic. In order to prevent this, the user would need to
    > > insert CGJ between the two marks.
    > Kent Karlsson called this an "ugly hack". CGJ is canonical
    > combining class zero and a default ignorable code point.

    It's ugly, but as Bob notes, it's Unicode's way of doing this.

    > Does this mean that canonical ordering may ignore the
    > CGJ and break the desired mark ordering anyway?

    No. But canonical ordering, or a prosess giving the same end result,
    must be applied prior to rendering in order to get the correct display.

    > What about OpenType GPOS look-ups? Would the CGJ break
    > any mark-to-mark positioning?

    I hope not...

            /kent k

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