Re: 2008 UN Year of Languages. 2008-02-21 International Mother Language Day

Date: Fri Feb 15 2008 - 13:31:34 CST

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    > Just take list with a grain of salt. Its interesting to not that for a
    > least two entries, The text was prepared in an 8-bit legacy encoding
    > and was not converted to Unicode before inclusion in the document.
    > For the two Dinka entries, the text 'Thok ëbën apiæth' should read
    > 'Thok ëbën apiɛth'

    Looks like the entry for tat was also using an 8-bit legacy font.

    Also, some of the ISO 639-3 codes are wrong:

    gua should be guh - if the language name is right :-)
    din should be dks - if the language name is right :-)
    tir should be tic - if the language name is right :-)
    son should probably be ses (son was ISO 639-2)
    pba should be rap


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