New draft proposed update of UTS #18 available

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 11:45:36 CST

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    There is a new draft of Proposed Update UTS #18 Unicode Regular
    Expressions (, with the
    following modifications. Feedback can be summitted with the online
    reporting form at

    * Clarified conformance requirements for "." and CRLF.
    * Pointed to LDML for the locale ID syntax
    * Made the importance of the levels (and sublevels) clearer.
    * Added not-equal in property expressions, ~~ for symmetric difference
    * Changed operators to use doubled characters: --, &&, ||, ~~
    * Document expected precedence among operations.
    * Added multiple property values. \p{gc=L|M|Nd} is equivalent
            to [\p{gc=L}\p{gc=M}\p{gc=Nd}]
    * Fixed case where 'arbitrary character pattern' matches a newline sequence
    * Added order of priority for level 2 items
    * Described implementation of canonical equivalence through default
            grapheme clusters
    * Moved default grapheme clusters (2.2) to level 3.
    * Added names sequences, such as \N{KHMER CONSONANT SIGN COENG KA}
    * Added some example links to Unicode utilities.

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