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Date: Sat Mar 01 2008 - 19:07:21 CST

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    Quoting David Starner <>:

    > On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 7:29 PM, <> wrote:
    >> Unicode intends to be a collection of all significant scripts, whether
    >> past, present or future. Admittedly it does include some of the above
    >> but this was not the intent.
    > No, the people who make Unicode obviously don't intend to be merely a
    > collection of all significant scripts. From the earliest records of
    > UNIDATA/DerivedAge.txt, IPA and math characters have been part of
    > Unicode, and those collections have continued to be added to. In fact,
    > 256 rows, everything under U+2xxx, were blocked out for non-scripts,
    > for things such as math, box drawing symbols, and various dingbats and
    > symbols.

    IPA and math characters are scripts. Yes the are small percentagr of
    various non-script characters. The key is whether or not significant.

    > From the opposite perspective, Unicode is a tool of Microsoft, IBM,
    > and other various members. For that, they want to encode everything
    > that people want to type in Word and Java and all the other programs
    > they create. Unicode was created so Microsoft didn't have to create an
    > ad-hoc tool to get proper Myanmar fractions in Word, them instead
    > falling out trivially from the combination of the right fonts and
    > Unicode support.

    Agreed having a tool which provides a trans-script solution and
    acheive internationalisation is in general beneficial to all concerned.

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