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Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 04:27:04 CST

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    Quoting David Starner <>:

    > On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 8:07 PM, <> wrote:
    >> Quoting David Starner <>:
    >> > On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 7:29 PM, <> wrote:
    >> >> Unicode intends to be a collection of all significant scripts, whether
    >> >> past, present or future. Admittedly it does include some of the above
    >> >> but this was not the intent.
    >> >
    > [...]
    >> IPA and math characters are scripts. Yes the are small percentagr of
    >> various non-script characters. The key is whether or not significant.
    > Then when I said
    >> the interrobang, obscure phonetic
    >> characters, characters for obsolete orthographies for small languages,
    >> and Chinese characters found only in dictionaries
    > what were you referring to when you said "Admittedly it does include
    > some of the above but this was not the intent."?

    As a mathematician come linguist, not IPA or maths characters. There
    are within unicode characters that with the benefit of hindsight were
    not needed and are probably not used by anyone, say Chinese characters
    so obscure that no one knows what they mean (these are not even in

    What is important varies from scrpt to script. I for example think of
    U+28499 as an everyday sort of chacracter, which if not unicode I
    would request to be inlcuded.

    >> Agreed having a tool which provides a trans-script solution and
    >> acheive internationalisation is in general beneficial to all concerned.
    > I think that's missing part of the point; it's not about trans-script,
    > it's about what people want to type into Word and Java applications
    > and all the other programs that Unicode sponsors sell.

    These two things often boil down to the same thing - people wish to be
    able to type their own language on a computer, mobile phone etc. The
    options are either to develope applications and OSes language by
    language, or to develope a transcript infrastrucure which supports a
    large number of languages.

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