Re: Encoding Stability: are exceptions possible?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 11:51:00 CST

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    > PE WITH MIDDLE HOOK (U+04A6/7) is used only in Abkhaz:
    > Is it possible (as an exception) to move historic
    > PE WITH MIDDLE HOOK to another position and place
    > PE WITH DESCENDER (which is used in modern language) to 04A6/7?

    No. Such moves are completely disallowed in the standard,
    for any character.

    The decision that needs to be made for Abkhaz is whether
    PE WITH DESCENDER is simply the modern *glyph* presentation
    for this same character -- in which case the glyph
    could be updated for the existing character, with notes
    about alternative presentations (cf. the discussion of
    alternative glyphs for Latin letters used for Czech
    and Latvian, on p. 227 of the standard).

    Or if PE WITH DESCENDER is really considered to be a
    separate *character* from PE WITH MIDDLE HOOK, to be
    distinguished from it by *encoding*, rather than by
    choice of fonts, then the only choice is to develop
    a proposal for encoding a new character for it, and
    shepherding that proposal through the character
    encoding standardization process.


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