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Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 18:44:29 CST

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    Dear Michael,

    Since it is still April 1st in the US, then one might add that the
    characters for CJK Extension B, U+E02EC, and C, U+E02ED are the same,
    and that it would be better to leave reserved spaces for other CJK

    John Knightley

    Quoting Tom <>:

    > Similarly, there exists a glyph for UNDEFINED that doesn't contain any
    > plane number. It is just a simple square with diagonal lines, with the
    > text "UNDEFINED" printed on the northern and southern sides; "0000" on
    > the western side; and "FFFF" on the eastern.
    > I haven't seen that glyph in the table.
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    > On 1 Apr 2008, at 22:58, Dominikus Scherkl wrote:
    >> Michael Everson schrieb:
    >>> Please see
    >> Nice first of April post.
    >> But if this is a serious proposal, there are some errors:
    >> - The name of E02A8 should be "LR-10000-1FFFD PLANE-1 UNDEFINED",
    >> not "LR-0000-FFFD PLANE-1 UNDEFINED"
    >> - No glyphs for "PLANE-3 UNDEFINED" to "PLANE-13 UNDEFINED"
    >> (ok, there are no chars assigned, but the more important
    >> those glyphs would be!)
    >> - I still think the Glyph "A" for latin is a very bad choice,
    >> as this very same glyph is also in cyrillic and greek used.
    >> Why not some glyph that is unique to latin, and at the same
    >> time represents the name of the script quite well, like the
    >> "L" glyph?
    >> Best regards,
    >> --
    >> Dominikus Scherkl

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