Azerbaijani Manat symbol?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 23:41:05 CDT

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    What is the status of the Azerbaijani manat currency symbol (which looks
    like the euro symbol, but rotated 90 clockwise and with just a single
    vertical bar crossing it, so that it looks quite like a lowercase "m" with
    an unusual letter form and M-height)? Is there a proposal to encode it?

    It is shown on English Wikipedia, but also, more convincingly, appears on
    publications by the Azeri National Bank like this one (at the top of the
    displayed cover page):

    For now, the Manat is commonly abbreviated as "m." or "man." (or their
    Cyrillic equivalents), but if the symbol was defined or used by the ANB
    itself, it may appear in other publications, and may start being displayed
    instead of the previous abbreviations for pricing in shops.

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