New Public Review Issue: Proposed Update UTR #25 (Math)

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu May 01 2008 - 14:28:23 CDT

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    The Unicode Technical Committee has posted a new issue for public
    review and comment. Details are on the following web page:


    Review periods for the new items close on August 1, 2008.

    Please see the page for links to discussion and relevant documents.
    Briefly, the new issue is:

    Public Review Issue #112
    Proposed Update to UTR #25 Unicode Support for Mathematics

    The proposed update of UTR #25 makes minimal content changes, mostly
    consisting of corrections for typographical errors. There were also some
    minor formatting changes to enable generation of the text in pdf format,
    instead of html, and for better typography of the mathematical examples.

    If you have comments for official UTC consideration, please post them by
    submitting your comments through our feedback & reporting page:

    If you wish to discuss issues on the Unicode mail list, then please
    use the following link to subscribe (if necessary). Please be aware
    that discussion comments on the Unicode mail list are not automatically
    recorded as input to the UTC. You must use the reporting link above
    to generate comments for UTC consideration.

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