Re: query regarding proposed additions to Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue May 06 2008 - 12:17:22 CDT

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    At 17:05 -0400 2008-05-05, William J Poser wrote:
    >In the proposal for the addition of characters to the
    >Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics dated 2008-04-12
    >(N3437, L2/08-149), several characters have names that inexplicably
    >include "Carrier". These are:
    >U+AAF5 Canadian Syllabics Carrier GU
    >U+AAF8 Canadian Syllabics Carrier JAI
    >U+AAFA Canadian Syllabics Carrier LAI
    >None of these characters is or has been used for Carrier.

    That does not matter. The point is to identify the letters
    unambiguously, and these are members of a class of letters which are
    identified by the string CARRIER in their name. That is, there is a
    class of CARRIER G-, CARRIER J-, and CARRIER L- letters to which
    these belong even if not used in the Carrier language.

    >Carrier writes /Cai/ as Ca-i. Moreover,
    >the name "Canadian Syllabics Carrier GU" is already
    >asigned to U+15EF.

    I hadn't time to check everything, but it's a preliminary draft.

    >It looks like these three names reflect somebody's notes on the
    >Carrier characters that they resemble.

    It's a preliminary draft. Thank you for your feedback.

    Michael Everson *

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