Unicode Collation Algorithm

From: Daniel Ehrenberg (microdan@gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 15 2008 - 15:41:27 CDT

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    I'm trying to implement the Unicode Collation Algorithm, and I'm a
    little confused by line 36099 of CollationTest_SHIFTED.txt. It is:

    006C 00B7 0021; # (l·) LATIN SMALL LETTER L, MIDDLE DOT [1262 | 0020
    01AF | 0002 0002 | FFFF FFFF 0258]

    Here are the collation keys for the characters that it uses:

    006C ; [.1262.0020.0002.006C] # LATIN SMALL LETTER L
    00B7 ; [*0279.0020.0002.00B7] # MIDDLE DOT
    0021 ; [*0258.0020.0002.0021] # EXCLAMATION MARK

    All elements have combining class 0 and the string is already in NFD.

    The asterisks indicate that an element is variable-weighted. Why,
    then, in the key given, is U+00B7 treated as if it is not
    variable-weighted? I'm treating variable weighted elements as shifted,
    not non-ignorable, and as far as I can tell there's no way for a
    variable-weighted element to not get shifted based on the context. So,
    by my calculations, the actual collation key should be [1262 | 0020 |
    0002 | FFFF 0279 0258]. This would make it precede the previous line
    in sort order. Could somebody help me figure this out?

    Dan Ehrenberg

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