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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Wed May 21 2008 - 07:00:15 CDT

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      I'm afraid that the requirement
    > of coded Siddam script can be different from that of
    > other historical Brahmi-derivative scripts (e.g. Chalukya/
    > BoxHeaded, Khotanese, Satavahana, Turkestani), because
    > there are some archives by non-native Siddham users
    > in Chinese and Japanese.

    Yes. Although based on an Indic model, the Siddham script seems to have evolved
    in in China and later Japan - so it seems unlikely to be a good idea to unify it
    with Brahmi.

    The main users of the script today are members of a couple of Japanese Buddhist
    sects (each with their own tradition of Siddham) - most publications on Siddham
    script are also in Japanese.

    Perhaps one or both of these groups could support the work involve in
    getting Siddham encoded in iso10646 & Unicode... :-)

    - Chris


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