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Date: Thu May 22 2008 - 18:43:48 CDT

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    At 16:15 -0700 2008-05-22, John Hudson wrote:

    >>It is as much important for French users as English users that are being
    >>told to press the space bar twice after full dots between two sentences in
    >>the same paragraph.
    >Which was a Victorian fad, not seen before or since in quality
    >English typography.

    Victorian? I never heard that before.

    >It was erroneously taught in many typing schools long after it
    >ceased to feature in English publishing, and still sometimes crops
    >up in business and institutional documents, but it is neither
    >desirable nor traditional, and certainly not important.

    When I learned typing in junior high school I remember they told us
    that the two spaces where to help typesetters navigate a document
    from typescript and know where sentence ends were.

    I'm not that old, either.

    Michael Everson *

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