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From: Tjebbe van Tijen (
Date: Mon May 26 2008 - 08:11:21 CDT

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    I did as suggested and posted my comment

    is the link

    On 25-mei-2008, at 18:10, Asmus Freytag wrote:

    On 5/25/2008 3:27 AM, Tjebbe van Tijen wrote:
    > While searching for earlier versions of the Unicode Code Charts...
    > which were easy to find
    > I noticed that these charts did not have a proper unique name
    > (which, alas, most often is the case in the world of online PDFs).
    > Would it not be better to do the PDF file naming in such a way that
    > it results in a unique and understandable file name:
    > now the complete set of 5.0 code charts is called
    > CodeCharts.pdf
    > I downloaded it as
    > UnicodeCodeCharts5.0.pdf
    > which I think is a better name...
    > Maybe the following small mistake has been produced by this too
    > general naming of PDFs
    > page:
    > has a clickable item: Online Code Charts <http://
    > Which directs to the page: The Unicode Character Code Charts By Script
    > but that link is the page with the 5.1 Unicode charts (of course
    > the user may notice the year 2008 at the bottom of the page ...)
    > So my suggestion is that the web pages do also carry the version
    > number in their title and window title
    > It may be the librarian in me (I've worked as an archivist &
    > librarian for thirty years) ... but I like to know which version/
    > edition I have at hand and such a great system as Unicode deserves
    > attention also to such details ...
    > Tjebbe van Tijen
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    Tjebbe van Tijen
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