Re: Arabic Lamalef missing Unicode Ligatures with Tashkeel and/or Shadda on Lam

From: Behnam (
Date: Wed May 28 2008 - 06:17:23 CDT

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    Yes Waleed. This one has a font solution and the font solution is
    superior to Unicode encoding which we have for few of lam alef
    ligatures. It not only resolves the vowels situation between lam and
    alef, it also can maintain the ligature form for other Lams. Lam with
    a dot above, Lam with 3 dots above and Lam with small v above.
    Generally, Arabic script is heavily dependent to the font technology.
    A technology that for Roman script is often only used for typographic


    On 28-May-08, at 5:24 AM, wrote:

    > > I would like to discuss one of the current problems Arabic people
    > > are facing regarding proper Arabic presentation using Unicode.
    > The problem is not with Unicode, but with the fonts you have tried
    > to use -- Traditional Arabic and Simplified Arabic fonts on Windows
    > XP, for example, do not support the sequences you need, but other
    > fonts do. For example this graphic from Microsoft Word is your
    > exact text reformatted using a different font:
    > <mime-attachment.gif>
    > Bob

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