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From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 12:22:08 CDT

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    Of course I accept your reassurance, and I apologize for raising the matter.

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    > On 5/29/2008 4:45 AM, Raymond Mercier wrote:
    >> Bob,
    >> > I don't see this font in my Vista installation
    >> I think I have to plead mea culpa over this one. I must have added it by
    >> accident when copying stuff from the desktop to the laptop.
    > Raymond,
    > I would have been very surprised at any other resolution of your findings.
    > While I no longer act for the Unicode Consortium, I know from my own
    > experience that the Consortium is very careful about honoring agreements
    > with font donors. Fonts are never embedded directly into documents.
    > Archive copies of the fonts are kept in a secure location. People with
    > access to the fonts are personally and contractually bound to honor the
    > font license restrictions, etc. and access is limited to people who
    > actively need to work with them.
    > A./

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