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Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 16:37:35 CDT

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    The aytham in Tamil is a glottaliser. (Aytham ஃ)

    Alphabet in Tamil, contrary to all other languages, is the name for places of articulation. I think that is what IPA also defines alphabet as.
    and aytham is the third dimensional glottaliser, doing functions such as ...
    "loosely explained q-ising!, h-ising!, etc...

    Aytham takes the form of consonants and vowels, but in third dimension, and modifies the two dimensional results in various forms.


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    > Hello,
    > While "usual" letters (q, etc.) do arguably have nothing to do with
    > your research, Karl's proposal of adding the period-designated
    > glottals does seem to make sense, as it's a related convention as in
    > using punctuation mark(s) for glottals.

      yes. if nothing else, it's very interesting! People have done some wierd things to represent glottals!


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