CSets 2.1 released

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@math.nmsu.edu)
Date: Fri May 30 2008 - 17:20:25 CDT

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    For those new to CSets:

       "The CSets collection is a set of mapping tables between various
    character sets and Unicode, and is intended to provide mappings not
    included in most character set conversion tools available today."

    It's been a couple years since the last release. This release features
    the addition of three Guarani mappings (available individually for a
    couple years already), and two new Serbian mappings.

    Future updates will be posted on freshmeat.net for those who like to
    track updates through subscriptions there, and I will always notify
    these lists of updates as well.

    As always, corrections, new mapping tables, information about mappings,
    and even pointers to things like fonts or texts with odd encodings are
    gladly accepted.

    Mark Leisher

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