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From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 04:39:53 CDT

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    Double-um, John. So, how do you update the LRF? That, how do you instal
    the latest (March 2008) version advertised on the Unicode site (since
    doing it the usual way - dropping it into my fonts folder - only got it
    ignored, if what you say below is correct)? Again, sorry if you find
    this is a stupid question, but I take the risk of asking it on this
    list, in search of a helpful answer. I still have a second (related)
    question, too: why is the LRF excluded from the fonts menu? I'd expect
    some of its glyphs to be nicer than some to be seen in currently-listed

    Scríobh John H. Jenkins:
    > Um, Mac OS X already comes with the Last Resort font. Why would you
    > want to install it? (I would assume that the system sees that it
    > conflicts with the installed LR font and ignores it.)

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