About Mongolian characters in Unicode

From: Dagvadorj Galbadrakh (dagvadorj@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 04:19:10 CDT

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    Hello dear list members,

    I have been checking out the Mongolian characters in the latest version of
    Unicode. The range is between 1800 and 18AF.
    Unfortunately, I have explored some serious errors.

    *There are perhaps no middle and final forms of the characters.*
    Mongolian characters have variations depending on its location within a
    word, same situation as in the Arabic script.
    I couldn't find middle and final forms of most of the characters. And as I
    tried them (at least on Windows XP), it doesn't automatically converts to
    its middle/final form when it is typed after a character without space.
    Please note that I have no experience on how Windows Vista regulated it,
    though, I think it should be possible for Windows XP.
    *Most of the basic character (called 'shd' in Mongolian) is not found.*
    It maybe is 1807 (MONGOLIAN SIBE SYLLABLE BOUNDARY MARKER) as it is supposed
    to be. But it seems to be NOT it is supposed to be as I try to type it after
    a character: it seems a bit longer than the original character is.

    Could somebody please inform me on that?

    Best Regards
    Dagvadorj GALBADRAKH

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