Re: About Mongolian characters in Unicode

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2008 - 07:49:01 CDT

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    2008/6/17 Dagvadorj Galbadrakh <>:
    > is indeed a
    > fantastic document. Those who prepared this document (I believe he/she is in
    > the Unicode developing team) is a lot capable of Mongolian.

    Thank you. I am responsible for the section on Mongolian, so if you
    have any specific questions about how Unicode Mongolian works please
    feel free to contact me off-list.

    > As far as I understand from some documents including
    > variation/form convergence is not available until Windows Vista i.e., it is
    > not available on Windows XP and Office 2003 etc.

    That is correct. Although theoretically Mongolian could work correctly
    on Windows XP with a smart Mongolian font and a dumb rendering engine,
    in practice the cleverness involved in rendering Mongolian correctly
    is shared between the rendering engine (Uniscribe) and the font, and
    only in Vista do you have both a version of Uniscribe that supports
    Mongolian and a functional Mongolian font ("Mongolian Baiti").


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