Re: Welsh orthography in Unicode

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Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 21:20:53 CDT

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    On 2008.06.27, 01:14, David Starner <> wrote:

    >> Obvious answer: Because U+0027 (') is an ambiguous kludge with
    >> typically ugly rendering and because the unambiguous U+2019 (Œ) is by
    >> now (at last) "universally" supported.
    > Universally supported in that I'm getting OE instead of an apostrophe
    > here?

    I thought I had sent the correct character in the correct encoding but it
    turns out to be MIME =8C (0x8C) in... (wtf?) Content-Type: text/plain;
    charset=ibm869. Hm, sure gotta review my settings! ~8-o

    Anyway, the context was not e-mail, which is the last frontier of Strange
    Things which may happen to characters, but a web page. Why's the Welsh
    Wikipedia still using an ambiguous kludge with typically ugly rendering
    when the unambiguous character is by now universally supported for web

    Meanwhile, < > is still using Latin kludges for
    U+04D1, U+04D7 etc. At least it will be simple to replace once in the
    future, like Welsh or English apostrophes.

    On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:22:27 -0600, Doug Ewell <>

    > I sure wish I could get people to take up arms in support of the
    > "correct" hyphen and dash and minus-sign characters as strenuously as
    > they do in support of the "correct" apostrophes. In most proportional
    > fonts, the ASCII hyphen is very short and looks awful when used in
    > negative numbers or subtraction expressions.

    Hear, hear! Hyphen's a hyphen and minus a minus and they're different:
    Hyphens should look short and thick, while minuses should have figure
    width and look like a plus without the vertical bar. Use always separate
    characters for separate semantics and glyphs! (Happy?)

    BTW, not to forget the elipsis: Never type three dots, use always one
    character, U+2026. :-)

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