Re: Welsh orthography in Unicode

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 06:06:26 CDT

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    > BTW, not to forget the elipsis: Never type three dots, use always one
    > character, U+2026. :-)

    As I figure it, "Ellipsis" was actually a descriptive name for the
    character, not a functional one. It made it's way into unicode via
    legacy encodings where it served as a "three dot leader" (note the
    grouping with "one dot leader" (2024) and "two dot leader (2025) which
    were used for setting "leaders" as in TOCs between titles and page
    numbers. The setup was that left and right bearings of the
    one/two/three dot leaders would equal the space between the dots in
    the two/three dot leader giving an even page, three and two dot
    leaders being "abbreviations" when haveing to hand-set long lines.

    Actually you should never use U+2026 for a grammatical ellipsis. Use
    three periods. And if you are picky, increase tracking. Or commission
    your local type designer to implement an OpenType feature to replace
    the three-period sequence by your "ellipsis" glyph.


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