Re: Phaistos disk forgery?

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Jun 27 2008 - 19:00:22 CDT

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    2008/6/28 William J Poser <>:
    >>Possibly, but probably only if the author of this paper presents the
    >>results of a thermoluminescence dating test on the disc.
    > Sure. I have no axe to grind here or knowledge of what is in the
    > forthcoming paper. My point is simply that a present consensus doesn't
    > mean that much. Certain kinds of evidence could overturn a consensus
    > that the disc is very plausibly a genuine antiquity. The evidence for
    > genuineness consists of plausibility plus the context of the find,
    > and the latter apparently depends entirely on the word of the
    > discoverer, Pernier.

    Sure, which is one of the reasons why the Phaistos disc is open to
    accusations of forgery.

    Incidentally, my spidey senses start tingling when I read that the
    author of the forthcoming paper is also the editor-in-chief and
    founder of the magazine in which it is to be published:

    Dr Jerome M. Eisenberg, Editor-in-Chief and founder of the magazine
    <> in 1990, presents his spectacular
    findings based on scrupulous and painstaking research initiated nearly
    four decades ago. His aesthetic and technical analyses convincingly
    demonstrate that the disk was created by a master forger shortly
    before its 'discovery'. He also suggests that the disk was created
    specifically to boost the reputation of Dr Pernier who was anxious to
    match the successful finds of his colleagues Federico Halbherr at
    Gortyna and Sir Arthur Evans at Knossos... A conference on the
    Phaistos Disk sponsored by Minerva will be held at the Society of
    Antiquaries in London on Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November.


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