Re: Capital Sharp S in the News

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Tue Jul 01 2008 - 00:27:57 CDT

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    > Well, if it is correct that's a relief, but then I don't understand
    > why, in German, the uppercase of SHARP-S is something other than an
    > uppercase SHARP-S? is this correctness locale-independent, or is it
    > also correct in a way that all (or most) German users and/or experts
    > would agree? Is there more info on this (beyond this mail thread I
    > have already read)? any links to suggest?

    As far as I understand the whole issue, the uppercase sharp-s has a
    very special use, which probably can be most easily demonstrated with
    an example. Consider the two composers

      Johann Strauß
      Richard Strauss

    In passports it is common to uppercase the family name. This would be

      Johann STRAUSS
      Richard STRAUSS

    Do you see the problem with the first name? In such cases it is
    common to have

      Johann STRAUß

    to make it clear how the name is written normally. And right here you
    have a situation where the use of an uppercase sharp-s is justified.


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