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Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 03:53:15 CDT

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    Am 01.07.2008 um 20:01 schrieb Murray Sargent:

    > I agree :-) The ugly SS work-around has been a bane on the German
    > language for too long, as Der Große Duden has pointed out repeatedly
    > over the years.
    A quotation translated from the Duden, ed. 1915(!):
    “The use of *two* letters for *one* sound is just a makeshift which has
    to be abandoned as soon as an appropriate printing type for the
    uppercase ß has been created.”
    So I agree, it’s high time to act.

    > Maybe we can add a user option to use the upper-case ß and see how
    > popular it gets.
    Please do so. My assumption is that most users would not complain if
    that option is shipped as default setting. (Many wouldn’t even notice,
    because they won’t see anything wrong with it.) But than the problem
    may be that there is not yet much font support of 1E9E.


    > This is my opinion is that Microsoft should make them a case pair in
    > the
    > next version of Windows.
    > (ref:
    > Not that I expect to be heeded in this case....
    > MichKa[p] [Microsoft]
    > Windows International Fundamentals
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    >> At 20:02 -0700 2008-06-30, Mark Davis wrote:
    >>> It is *not* a matter of stability; it is a matter of correctness. The
    >>> correct outcome is "SS".
    >>> Mark
    >> That's a matter of opinion, of course.
    >> Since German orthographic reform has made <Maße> ['ma:s@] 'measures'
    >> distinct in spelling from <Masse> ['mas@] 'mass' it is easily arguable
    >> that abolishing this distinction in all caps as <MASSE> for both is an
    >> error, and that <MAßE> (with capital ß) is in fact "correct". That's a
    >> linguistic distinction, properly maintained in orthography with the
    >> new
    >> character.
    >> Werner Lemberg has already pointed to Strauß/Strauss as a
    >> personal-name
    >> distinction --
    >> certainly a matter of import for the identification of people...
    >> So I believe it is only a matter of time before "correctness" is made
    >> normative. (Could be a long time. Could be shorter.)
    >> --
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