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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 21:30:15 CDT

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    Otto Stolz <Otto dot Stolz at uni dash konstanz dot de> wrote:

    > I possess an songbook from an Alsatian singer and writer,
    > with both German, Alsatian (German dialect), and French
    > songs. In many song texts, the /ʃ/ sound is written as
    > “š”, rather than “sch”. Very convenient, indeed.

    Indeed, though only if it catches on and people understand it.

    With the widespread adoption of Unicode, future orthographic reforms may
    tend more in the direction of using letters with diacritics, and fewer
    of them, rather than digraphs and trigraphs constrained to ASCII. UTN
    #19 is of interest here.

    > Could be a model for the next German spelling reform ;-)
    > Or would you rather propose the Germans should adopt Evellian
    > spelling? ;-) ;-)

    Well, you started it, not me. ;-)

    The Ewellic alphabet ( is not, and
    never has been, intended as a serious proposal for spelling or
    orthographic reform. However, it *is* based on the principle of one
    letter per phoneme, a principle which might have found favor with the
    1915 Duden editors. (Then again, Ewellic is monocase, which probably
    seems awkward to writers of German.)

    I'll be able to point you to an example of German written in Ewellic

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