Re: Capital Sharp S in the News

From: Gerrit Sangel (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 14:53:27 CDT

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    Am Donnerstag 03 Juli 2008 schrieben Sie:

    > One problem not addressed by just a new character code or just new
    > uppercase rules is that the German keyboard has '?' in the shift
    > position for the key that produces the sharp s. Unfortunately, that's
    > not a rare symbol - way more frequently used than an uppercase sharp s.
    > As a result, I fear, the inertia and/or resistance will impede a shift
    > to a keyboard layout that implements the sharp s as a regular shift-pair.

    The entire ß key does not have any space for the capital ß any more. The only
    way (which would make sense) would be AltGr+S.

    But if the keyboard producers manage to put the capital ß on the keyboard, I
    am really angry.

    I am fighting a war that people use the „“ instead of "", but it seems
    hopeless, because nobody likes to install a different keyboard layout. I do
    not see the problem for the keyboard producers to print some characters like
    „“’»« on the keyboard. There is still so much space left. They managed to do
    that quite easily with the € sign and even the Windows keys.

    So if they manage to print the capital ß on the keyboards, but still do not
    print “important” characters, which are really needed, I lost all hope in
    German orthography.

    Sadly, most people do nt care if they use "" instead of „“.

    Gerrit Sangel

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