Re: [indic] Re: Proposal to add four characters for Kashmiri to the BMP of the UCS

From: Pravin S (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2008 - 00:14:09 CDT

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    Hi Chris,

    Philippe has already explained all the points present in proposal
    (thanks for that)
    see my comments below

    2008/7/7 Christopher Fynn <>:
    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > ...
    > I suspect that most of the pre-composd isolate vowels were included for
    > backwards compatibility with a pre-existing standard(s) like ISCII - IMO
    > there is no good reason to add additional pre-composed characters when a
    > base character + combining mark will work fine particularly when these
    > characters are for a what seems to be pretty well a brand-new orthography.

    As per Devanagari syllable rule Matra's can,t combine with vowel's,
    that's why Devanagari code chart consist of U+0904 to U+0914 vowels
    and corresponding Matras at U+093E to U+094C

    In fact recent character added in Unicode 5.1 U+0972 'ॲ' was also came
    due to this reason only
    since अ [0905]+ ॅ [0945] combining was not possible due to script grammar.
    The same is not allowed in all Rendering Engine(ICU, PANGO and Uniscribe too).

    > Generally I think it is a good idea try to conserve as much space as
    > possible in the Devanagari block on the BMP as, given the number of
    > languages written in Devanagari, it seems likely that there will eventually
    > be more characters that it would be best to have there. IMHO adding
    > unnecessary pre-composed characters when a combination (base char +
    > combining mark) will do is not the best use of valuable space.

    I agree we need reserved space, but IMO we should not violate script
    grammar for preserving space.

    >> That's the way I understand it. The proposal is preserving the
    >> consistency.
    > Preserving consistency could be used the next time someone wants to add more
    > pre-composed Latin chars. Actually I don't see that encoding only the
    > combining chars breaks the encoding model used for Devanangari which
    > already has many combining chars.

    Nope, presently no such instance available in Devanagari, i.e (Vowel)
    + (Matras) Combination
    and not allowed.

    *Vowel's can combined only with Vowel Modifiers(U+0901 to U+0903) as
    per syllable rule

    > I thought there was a policy not to add more pre-composed characters. Is
    > this not the case?

    It will add exception's in script grammar.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pravin Satpute

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