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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 05:39:07 CDT

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    At 16:36 +0630 2008-07-09, Ngwe Tun wrote:

    >I'm doubted that I saw some expression about Unicode 5.2 Standards
    >for Myanmar Font Development by Michael Everson and Htoo Myint
    >Naung. Are they Unicode Consoritum Member? Right In
    ><> User Talk, They stated
    >Unicode 5.2.

    Htoo used that terminology. It was inaccurate. I have applied the
    correct terminology "Support for post-5.1" to allay confusion.
    "Post-5.1" refers to the content of FDAM 5 and PDAM 6.2 of ISO/IEC

    >Anawrahta (being developed) Unicode 5.2 AAT,OT,Graphite
    >1) Is it UTC internal discussion decision?

    The UTC has nothing to do with Anawrahta, which is a font being
    developed by me and Htoo Myint Naung. This has been explained to you
    several times.

    >2) What will be change Myanmar Unicode specification in Unicode 5.2?

    Additional Myanmar script characters are under ballot in PDAM 6.2.

    >3) Are there any beta page for that upcoming standards?

    There's the PDAM ballot.

    >4) How should we do for next Unicode 5.2 standards?

    Prepare to support additional characters for Aiton and Phake.

    >5) Shall we stop our localization development in Unicode 5.1?

    No. (That's my opinion. I do not speak for the Unicode Consortium or the UTC.)

    Michael Everson *

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