Re: Arabic swash letter Ya with dots

From: John Hudson (
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 11:37:46 CDT

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    Andreas Prilop wrote:

    > What's the Unicode way to write Arabic "swash letter ya"
    > U+06D2 - but with two dots below as U+064A ?

    > Such a letter is shown, for example, in

    This is a display variant of U+064A. Unicode confuses such issues by
    providing distinct codepoints for some letterforms that, traditionally,
    are dependent on script style, e.g. encoding nastaliq style K (U+06A9)
    as distinct from naskh style K (U+0643). In the case of the swash Y with
    dots below, this is a free variant within the naskh style, as shown in
    the Al-Quds image, so this is a glyph issue, not an encoding issue.

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