Unihan and U+540E

From: Magnus Bodin (magnus@bodin.org)
Date: Fri Aug 15 2008 - 05:57:38 CDT

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    I just ran across the following line in Unihan.txt; 5.1.0

    U+540E kSimplifiedVariant U+540E

    and I guess this is either a mistake, a consequence of an old mistake
    (I recall a circular reference issue with this very hou4) or indeed a
    valid entry.
    I guess that "not proofed" and "provisional" means that one would still expect
    mistakes to be found.

    A quick check gives a total of five similar cases:

    U+53F0 kSimplifiedVariant U+53F0
    U+540E kSimplifiedVariant U+540E
    U+5FD7 kSimplifiedVariant U+5FD7
    U+6781 kSimplifiedVariant U+6781
    U+8721 kSimplifiedVariant U+8721

    If it is valid, could anyone please elaborate?

    -- magnus

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