Re: Unihan and U+540E

From: Christoph Burgmer (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2008 - 10:38:36 CDT

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    Am Friday, 15. August 2008 schrieben Sie:
    > I just ran across the following line in Unihan.txt; 5.1.0
    > U+540E kSimplifiedVariant U+540E
    > and I guess this is either a mistake, a consequence of an old mistake
    > (I recall a circular reference issue with this very hou4) or indeed a
    > valid entry.
    > I guess that "not proofed" and "provisional" means that one would still
    > expect mistakes to be found.
    > A quick check gives a total of five similar cases:
    > U+53F0 kSimplifiedVariant U+53F0
    > U+540E kSimplifiedVariant U+540E
    > U+5FD7 kSimplifiedVariant U+5FD7
    > U+6781 kSimplifiedVariant U+6781
    > U+8721 kSimplifiedVariant U+8721
    > If it is valid, could anyone please elaborate?

    Please see the description for field kSimplifiedVariant in [1]:

     Note that a character can be *both* a traditional Chinese character in its
     own right *and* the simplified variant for other characters (e.g., U+53F0).

     In such case, the character is listed as its own simplified variant and one
     of its own traditional variants. This distinguishes this from the case where
     the character is not the simplified form for any character (e.g., U+4E95).



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