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Date: Fri Aug 15 2008 - 10:31:20 CDT

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    On 2007.12.21, 12:31, "André Szabolcs Szelp" <> wrote:

    > I would be more offended to see a wrong diacritic on my name than to
    > see it omitted.
    > If you get it wrong, however, that shows (cultural) ignorance, and can
    > be offending.
    > G<o>teborg (Swedish), Sa<o> Paulo (Portugues), and Gy<o>r (Hungarian).

    Oops, this should be "S<a>o", instead — São Paulo (Saint Paul, Szent Pál).

    > that Latin-1 has "similar" but very wrong characters for Latin-2's
    > Ő,ő,Ű,ű, namely Õ,õ,Û,û; Unfortunately one sees the wrong characters on
    > the net partially in Unicode text as well. (In these cases the 8-bit
    > input-encoding was probably selected wrongly as Latin-1 when
    > transcoding to Unicode).

    I’ve been seeing the opposite (or rather the same) phenomenon concerning
    the Portuguese "ã" (U+00E3; 0xE3 in Latin-1), which often gets replaced
    by "ă" (U+0103; 0xE3 in Latin-2), which which it bears passing
    resemblance in casual handwriting. (The same doesn’t seem to occur with
    "õ", though, which in turn is a less often letter.)

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