Re: backward compability, with ansi-color sequences also?

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 08:00:27 CDT

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    > "Unknown Umut" <js underscore bach at freenet dot de> wrote:
    > > I am trying to print utf-8 strings with colors in ansi-c with help of
    > > wchar.h and friends. I get any language(japanese, german etc), no
    > > problem but not in colored. The ansi color notation that i am used to,
    > > \033[0;34m
    > > \033[0;35m
    > > doesn't work with unicode( in wprintf). Now my question is,
    > > as the coding of colors in ansi consist of characters whose decimal
    > > value less than 255 and unicode backward-compatible is, why would my
    > > wprintf attempts fail?
    > It shouldn't make any difference, as you said (though the magic value is
    > 128 and not 255).
    > Just out of curiosity, what operating environment are you working in?
    > Modern versions of Windows, for example, don't seem to honor ANSI X3.64
    > escape codes even if you use ANSI.SYS. I wanted to do this in XP and
    > ended up writing a utility that does all the emulation.
    For the record, Kermit 95 for Windows is a terminal emulator that supports
    ANSI special effects as well as UTF-8, and because of the super-sane design
    of UTF-8, there are no problems with this combination. I have some screen
    shots here showing ANSI effects such as color as well as UTF-8 screens
    with different scripts:

    I don't think any of these shows UTF-8 and color on the same screen, but
    highlighting is shown on the third screen in this page:

    and color works the same way (it's just another kind of highlighting).

    - Frank

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