Re: backward compability, with ansi-color sequences also?

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Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 17:19:38 CDT

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    > For the record, Kermit 95 for Windows is a terminal emulator that supports
    > ANSI special effects as well as UTF-8, and because of the super-sane design
    > of UTF-8, there are no problems with this combination. I have some screen
    > shots here showing ANSI effects such as color as well as UTF-8 screens
    > with different scripts:
    > I don't think any of these shows UTF-8 and color on the same screen, but
    > highlighting is shown on the third screen in this page:
    > and color works the same way (it's just another kind of highlighting).

    Even if i don't use windows, i'd like to have a look at your links. The
    ones that are listed are dead here, can you re-send the correct

    Many thanks,

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