Re: Unicode Home Page Redesigned

From: Steven R. Loomis (
Date: Fri Aug 29 2008 - 18:39:06 CDT

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    some comments about the menu:

    * I find access to the submenu somewhat difficult as this picture
    1. move mouse over point A. Submenu appears
    2. move mouse to point B along straight line. While on the way there,
    the submenu disappears and a different one comes up.

    Could the submenu delay briefly?

    * Also, at C i have drawn a vertical line. It might be good if there was
    a line between the outer menu and the sub menu.

    * Would it be possible to go to a different menu page if you click on
    point A?

    * The site is usable in a text based browser (links) except that double
    bullets appear on the menu (below). It looks like one bullet is part of
    the item text, and one is part of the <li>. Consider using CSS to add
    the bullet with proper text and style, and taking the bullet text out of
    the <li>.

         * New to

              * o What is

              * o How to Use this

              * o

              * o Glossary of Unicode

         * General

              * o Where is my

              * o Display

    I do like the look of the redesign.


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