Re: Unicode Home Page Redesigned

From: Naz Gassiep (
Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 02:13:31 CDT

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    > Could the submenu delay briefly?

    I disagree. Menu delays annoy me, and most people know (given most
    nested menu systems work this way) that they have to move the mouse
    horizontally to the submenu before moving the mouse down to the sub item.

    > * Also, at C i have drawn a vertical line. It might be good if there
    > was a line between the outer menu and the sub menu.

    I agree. A border of some kind would be aesthetically pleasing, to
    provide a clear distinction between the menu levels.

    > * Would it be possible to go to a different menu page if you click on
    > point A?

    Generally, menu items that have sub items should not themselves have
    content directly, as this is potentially confusing. However, that's a
    design principle I stick to, and is my own opinion, so perhaps others
    feel differently.

    Otherwise, I too, generally like the redesign.

    - Naz.

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