Re: Some forms of Pashto letters are missing

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 10:08:26 CDT

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    Zabeeh Khan wrote:
    > Hi, if you mean Pashto letters like in attached picture, they are
    > already encoded. All you need is the right font for having them and
    > right keyboard to access them.
    > No, I am not talking about that. They are there, but some of their forms
    > are not there.


    Forgeet about the Arabic Presentation Forms-A and -B blocks
    (U+FB50..U+FDFF and U+FE70..U+FEFF). Pretend they are not there. Do not
    write software that relies on those codepoints, to not use those
    codepoints to store any information. They are there for obscure
    historical reasons, and should not be used.

    Unicode encodes characters, not glyphs, so -- except for the
    Presentation Forms that "are there but should not be there" -- each
    Arabic-script letter is encoded in the Unicode Standard *only once*, in
    the Arabic block (U+0600..U+06FF) or the Arabic Supplement block

    It is the font technology such as OpenType Layout that takes care of the
    proper rendering, i.e. that each Arabic letter codepoint is rendered as
    initial, medial, final or isolated form depending on the position in the


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