Re: Some forms of Pashto letters are missing

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 23:05:16 CDT

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    Zabeeh Khan wrote:

    > And another point is that at least the descriptions of the Pashto
    > letters are incorrect.
    > For example calling letter (Pashto) "Gaf" an "Arabic Kaf with a ring
    > below the above line or something" and calling the "DDal" of Pashto an
    > "Arabic Daal with a ring below", etc. It is not correct. The original
    > Pashto names for the letters should be used just as they have been
    > used for Urdu.
    > The names should be local to Pashto and not be based on Arabic
    > perspective?

    Arabic is the script, not necessarily the language from which the
    perspective was drawn.

    The names are just identifiers. Unicode tries to make them reasonably
    descriptive, and usually succeeds, but ultimately the only guarantee is
    that two characters will not have the exact same name. See Unicode
    Technical Note #27 for some other examples of character names that
    turned out less than perfect.

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