Re: Some forms of Pashto letters are missing

From: John Hudson (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2008 - 00:30:37 CDT

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    Zabeeh Khan wrote:

    > I am not saying that they should have the *exact* same name. I want the
    > names to be in Pashto as the letters are of Pashto. If Pashto Ddal is
    > going to be called "Arabic Daal with a ring below", then the Urdu Ddal
    > should also be called "Arabic Daal with a Tweh above". Why does the rule
    > only apply on Pashto? why not on other languages?

    The naming of Unicode characters is inconsistent, relying on information
    provided by the proposers of scripts or characters. Unfortunately, since
    the actual character names are a normative part of the standard, they
    cannot be changed. But characters can be annotated in the standard, and
    a list of Pashto names for Pashto characters is the sort of information
    that would be useful. You might write up such a list an submit it as a
    formal document to the editors of the standard.

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